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28 Feb 2017

In the emotional chaos that followed the last election, I wrote a little piece about how important words can be and how we need to take more responsibility for them ('our...

7 Dec 2016

There have been several incidents in the last few months that have got me thinking about the importance of words. And the responsibility we all have - in business, in publ...

5 May 2015

We recently discussed all things editing with a professional editor. 

Next I wanted to get a writer's view on the revision process. Not just any old writer, mind you,...

21 Apr 2015

First up in our self-titled Editing Month - which we are totally going to make a thing [UPDATE: four years later and this is now what I do as a living, so every month can...

31 Mar 2015

What's that? You've finished writing your book?! Holy shit, great work! 

You've just accomplished what most people in the world aspire to do 'one day', but never actually...

14 Jan 2015

Literary agents are often thought of as the gatekeepers of the publishing industry. So where better to learn about the keys that open the gate? 

With many intern roles avai...

3 Oct 2014

Andrea Hannah is one of those writers you stumble across during a night’s procrastination and can’t help but blindly follow into the beautiful unknown thereafter.

Aside fro...

23 Sep 2014

We've all been there.

Staring at the screen in disgust. Unable to contain our frustration at the stupidity before us. But unable to look away, thanks to a sadistic need t...

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