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Freelance content writer, marketer & strategist 

Dan Hanks Freelance Copywriter, Content Writer & Screenwriter

What is content marketing?

Content writing and strategy (or content marketing) is all about lead generation. It's NOT about selling, but rather using educational content to attract, build, and nurture relationships with potential customers who have a problem or opportunity. They have questions, so you need to engage them with answers - in the form of blog posts, interviews, eBooks and more. 

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A good content strategy isn't just about having a content calendar and a rough idea of persona/s. It also needs to include social media sharing channels, an idea of trending topics, and identification of any influencers you need to impress. 


Blog posts are the bread and butter of the content marketing world. With consistent, engaging pieces and an eye on SEO, you'll soon start ranking in search - bringing in new visitors, retaining loyal lurkers, and nurturing all prospective customers towards buying whatever you're selling.

Offer content & landing pages

Offer or 'gated' content is all those pieces too good to give away for free - and it's the holy grail of lead generation. You've got visitors to your site with blog posts - now you just need to convince them to enter a few details on a targeted landing page in exchange for an eBook or whitepaper they simply can't do without. 

Email marketing

Okay, so you've had visitors download your offer content and sign up to your blog. Now you've got the opportunity to keep them engaged by sending relevant content directly to them without waiting for them to come back and find it. Keep it smart and consistent and you'll soon have a customer - and free promoter of your business - for life.