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Copywriter & Copywriting Services

What does a copywriter do?

Copywriting is ultimately about finding and expressing the words that persuade people to feel, think, and take an action that leads to a relationship with your business. (Although a good copywriter can write lots of other fun stuff for you too.) 
Dan Hanks Freelance Copywriter, Content Writer & Screenwriter

My copywriting services


Ads, brochures, DMs: they're all part of your brand story. I can help you concept and create campaigns that help convey that story in the most engaging ways possible.


Good copywriting is about storytelling. It's an easy way to create connections between you and your audience that can grow into long-term customer relationships.

Print or Digital

The world isn't entirely digital just yet. Even the smallest marketing campaigns may stretch from print ads to web copy - so you'll need a writer who can write for both.

Tone of Voice

All customer relationships are built on trust. Which means you're not going to win their business if your marketing messaging is all over the place. Stand out from your competitors by creating a standard set of Tone of Voice guidelines to live by.