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Scriptwriting and screenplays

Dan Hanks Freelance Copywriter, Content Writer & Screenwriter

Bringing story to life

Scriptwriting is all about breathing life into words. A piece of writing crafted to be performed in real time, with a limited window to convey a convincing story and only action and dialogue with which to do it. 

My scriptwriting work


Have written three TV pilots and drafted the treatment for two others. A couple of them are currently with a a local producer and production company for review.


Currently Head of Development for Reach Up High Entertainment, where we're working on a slate of features, including an original of mine and another that I co-wrote for a pair of award-winning short-film directors.


Worked on a range of radio adverts for Brother UK, helping to revise and clarify the agency-produced scripts to better convey the story within a 30-second ad space.


Wrote and revised the scripts for the introductory video and archaeological clues on the award-winning Tomb Raider Underworld campaign website in Australia.