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Manuscript assessments from a fiction editor - making sure your storytelling hits home


A manuscript assessment shows all your book's best bits - and what needs fixing


It's a detailed look at the essential storytelling aspects of your book, like plot, structure, character, themes, beginnings and endings. It shows where they work and where they need to be improved - with examples. Some fiction editors (like me!) will also provide you with a suggested revision plan to guide your next steps.

That sounds like a developmental edit...?

My manuscript assessments are a little more in-depth than others can be. So elsewhere this might be known as a structural or developmental edit. See my manuscript assessment services page for details of the great things you get > 

Where does it fit in the fiction editing process?

A manuscript assessment is perfect for when you've finished your book and have done at least one revision. It comes before you look in detail at the writing itself (copy-editing) or go hunting for mistakes (proofreading).


It's important because if your storytelling doesn't do it for readers, nothing else matters.  

How a professional fiction editor can help

If you're serious about getting published, you have to make sure your story works. Agents and publishers have a gazillion manuscripts to read, so your storytelling has to be amazing to stand out in the slush. And if you're thinking about self-publishing, you owe it to your readers to make sure your book gives them everything they want and gets those 5-star reviews coming in.

A fiction editor can help make your story the best it can be - giving your book a greater chance of success.

Why pick me as your fiction editor?

I'm a writer and editor, with 15 years' experience writing, revising and reviewing stories, as well as helping other writers understand what makes their books tick. 


A member of the Society for Editors and Proofreaders (SfEP), a reviewer with the award-winning blog Fantasy Faction, and a literary agent slush reader, I know what it takes to craft persuasive words to hit at the heart of readers - and how to bring out the potential of every writer's story.

Editor​ial sidekick

Editor at TenOhSeven

Some nice things writers have said

"Dan has an incredible eye for detail and an near-supernatural intuition regarding an author's intent. He will understand what you're trying to do and move heaven and earth to make it better."

He provided invaluable help with things like dialogue, setting, and other details that really served the authenticity of the story and helped it to come alive. He was professional, insightful, and super fast - generally just delightful to work with and I highly recommend him.

Dan provided me with strong and perceptive feedback, which gave me invaluable insights into my characters and storyline.


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